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Fox: Is "Joe the Plumber" a More Important Endorsement Than Colin Powell?

Reported by Melanie - October 20, 2008 -

Earlier today (October 20, 2008) Mitt Romney appeared on CNN and sputtered and hesitated when asked whether he though Sarah Palin was "ready to be president."

Poor guy. I don't imagine he's having a very good day. This afternoon he found himself on Fox, trying to answer a question only Fox would be idiotic enough to ask: "Whose Backing Matters More: Colin Powell or 'Joe the Plumber'?"


He didn't actually answer the question, though he did yammer on like a good politician, playing it smooth, hedging his bets, and not burning any bridges:

Cavuto asked Mitt, if he "had his druthers," who he'd pick between the two.

Romney said, "Well, you want the Joe the Plumbers. There are a lot more of them in this country than there are Colin Powells. But of course you want them all. And I don't want to minimize Colin Powell's endorsement. It means a great deal to those who listen to Colin Powell and follow him but most people follow their own heart and follow their own heart and follow their own assessment of what's in their best interests and the Joe the Plumber allegory, if you will, is a story that can be told by many, many people in this country who hope to be able to build their own business some day or become enormously successful.

"And, ah, they're not wild about an idea that suggests a president would take away their income and redistribute it to people who, who ah, aren't paying any taxes at all."

He went on to talk a bit about Joe Biden and ended the discussion with: "In the final analysis, I think it comes down to John McCain versus Barack Obama and not who endorsed them."

Comment: This was a twofer for Fox: Bash Powell, if only via the chyron, who was a god to them not all that long ago, and remind viewers about "Joe the Plumber," who, by the way, isn't playing all that well in Peoria, as they say. Guess Fox didn't get the memo. Then again, it's kind of funny watching them push these losing angles (Ayers isn't playing well either) and watching someone like Romney squirm in his seat, trying not to offend one of the most respected men in his party. Looks like McCain's got everyone up against one wall or another.