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FOX Friends indignant over New York Times article on Cindy McCain

Reported by Chrish - October 20, 2008 -

More defense on FOX and Friends this morning 10/20/08, this time for Cindy McCain. The New York Times has published an article about Mrs. McCain and the Friends are following the McCain camp's lead, expressing outrage and anger over the report.

The lower third of the screen held banners that gave viewers email addresses and phone numbers to use to complain and /or cancel subscriptions (somehow I doubt that a material chunk of F&F watchers also subscribe to the NYTimes...)

The McCain camp has suggested, and Friends echo, that the NYTimes should track down "Barack Obama's drug dealers," whoever sold him some pot back in high school thirty-some years ago, and they wonder why the NYTimes hasn't done any writing about Michelle Obama. What? A more apt question would be where was FOX's coverage of the NYTimes coverage of Michelle Obama. This is funhouse crazy.

Apparently New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor posted on Facebook, trying to track down parents of McCain's older children, to get a sense of her as a parent, and the Friends spun that as Kantor trying to get information from kids who are more likely to say more than parents. Gretchen Carlson pretended (?) to not understand that Kantor was using kids' communication channels to find their parents, asking indignantly why doesn't she call the parents?!?! (She doesn't know who they are, is my first guess, hence the Facebook outreach.)

But why should other parents' assessment of Cindy McCain even be pertinent to a presidential campaign? asked Steve Doocy. Maybe for the same reason other parents (OK, only Bill Ayers) involved in school issues in Barack Obama's district are important?

Steve Doocy summed up that the New York Times is so desperate they're trolling Facebook for any spilled bean, and asked viewers if they thought it was a hit job, or good reporting. My money is on a landslide for hit job, even though most have likely not read the revealing article.

But bash they must, as they try to turn more people away from any news source that is not them.