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FOX Friends do damage control from Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama

Reported by Chrish - October 20, 2008 -

Clearly, yesterday's endorsement of Barack Obama by Colin Powell is of politcal importance and holds some sway over undecided and wavering voters, so this morning 10/20/08 FOX and Friends did some damage control to diminish it's impact.

Because the 3:0 position of the Friends was not biased enough, the couch 'tators brought on AM-radio "talk" radio host James T. Harris, who agreed with Rush Limbaugh's take (already presented to viewers) that Powell's endorsement is tinged by racism. Limbaugh is researching to find previous endorsements by Powell of similarly liberal, supposedly inexperienced white candidates; when he doesn't find them he will pronounce the former Secretary of State "racist" for endorsing Obama. Apparently the only way blacks can prove they are not racists, to Rush and others of his stupid mindset, is to continue to vote for white people forever.

Howard Wolfson agreed that those who follow politics closely may have expected the endorsement, but the majority, who do not, might be surprised at the heavyweight military man passing over his longtime friend, also a military man, in support of Obama. Another radio host, Chris Plante, said it's no secret that Powell is a "fence-sitting Republican, not an ideological conservative," and he used the distancing to portray both Bush presidencies as "centrist." OMG. So now Colin Powell, a lifelong moderate Republican, is being packaged as on the left, moving the far-right, by comparison, closer to the middle in this through-the-looking-glass crazy FOX world.

Powell was described as "the man who sold the (Iraq) war to the world," and Steve Doocy said he's "turned on his party." But never fear, Powell's son has come out in support of McCain, and the Friends ignore reality and conflate the two endorsements as equal in political weight.

And on it goes, this "kill the messenger" tactic. They're nothing if not loyal the The Party, eh?