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Ayers colleague defends Obama over FOX Friends objections

Reported by Chrish - October 20, 2008 -

William Ayers' colleague, Hofstra professor Dr. Singer handles the FOX and Friends' kids, Gretchen Carlson and Brian Kilmeade, in a discussion of William Ayers this morning 10/20/08. He doesn't get the "connection" and makes the Friends show just how far they're reaching.
With video.

Singer has known Ayers professionally for twenty years and admires his success in education reform. His main concern and reason for appearing on FOX was to spotlight the inanity of bringing Ayers past into this election. He admonished the kids "You get ideas like a virus. Being in the same room with somebody, you don't catch what they think. You don't agree with me, I don't agree with you, but I'm not going to catch a disease from you by sitting here. Senator Obama has made clear that he has had no relationship with Bill Ayers, other than on the educational issues, through a relatively conservative foundation."

Speaking for the McCain camp, Carlson said they'd beg to differ as there's a string of associations: there's Ayers, there's Wright, there's..... that's all. But it says something about Obama's character. (As I type this Senator Obama has just suspended his campaign events to fly to Hawaii to visit his very ill grandma. Says something about his values; will FOX see it that way?)

Singer didn't let up and made the couch 'tators look foolish.