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FOX News Reporter Suggests Obama And Ayers Share “Radical Ideas”

Reported by Ellen - October 19, 2008 -

During last night's (10/18/08) Barack Obama special, a conservative, McCain-supporting professor, Richard Epstein, who knows both Barack Obama and William Ayers called the “issue” about Obama's link to Ayers “ridiculous.” Epstein said that Obama, like most people in the neighborhood, saw Ayers as a community organizer who is interested in childhood education. Predictably, Epstein was buried in the middle of the Ayers segment. Reporter Gregg Jarrett, who had expressed no doubts about the other (anti-Obama) guests' opinions, said with obvious skepticism, “You don't think William Ayers and Barack Obama may share some sort of radical ideas?” With video.

Epstein replied with a flat, “No.”

Jarrett kept pushing. “I mean, this is a guy who said, 'I only regret we didn't set more bombs.'”