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Hannity And Huckabee Mischaracterize Obama's Tax Cuts As Welfare

Reported by Ellen - October 17, 2008 -

Unrepentant bigot Sean Hannity teamed up with Republican guest Mike Huckabee on last night's (10/16/08) Hannity & Colmes to smear and mischaracterize Barack Obama's tax cut plan as welfare for those who don't deserve it. When guys like Hannity talk about welfare recipients, you can bet that it's code for “minorities.” With video.

Huckabee was the only guest for the segment, prominently placed at the beginning of the program. No Democrat got an unopposed platform on the show, much of which was devoted to Obama's and John McCain's comic (and very funny) speeches at the Alfred E. Smith dinner. Hannity went first with Huckabee, followed by Colmes and Huckabee and it just so happened that there was enough time for Hannity to take another turn but not enough time for a second turn for Colmes.

Huckabee said, “(Barack Obama) will put a tax plan in place that would give money away to people that haven't earned it.”

The discussion veered off with Colmes but Hannity returned to taxes in his second go-round and with more incendiary language. He said that Obama wants (white, working guy) Joe the Plumber's money “and be given to people that don't – the 40% that... aren't paying any taxes, they get a check... That's welfare.''

“They get a check for having a pulse,” Huckabee said with disgust.

Hannity chimed in, “They're saying, 'Joe the Plumber, I want your money.'” I'm surprised he didn't say that Obama wanted to mug Joe the Plumber.

Despite the "fair and balanced" network's suggestion otherwise, Obama's tax plan does not just dole out money to any shiftless open hand. As ABC News points out, Obama's tax credits are for such expenses as child care, mortgage interest and college tuition. ABC quotes Roberton Williams, a principal research associate at the non-partisan Tax Policy Center: "You have to have done something to get it. You have to have worked, or paid mortgage interest, or paid college tuition, or put money into a retirement account before you can claim the refundable credit."

But of course, it was much more expedient for Hannity and Huckabee to paint the potential recipients as undeserving welfare queens ready to prey, with Obama's help, on the hard-working.

Also not mentioned was that McCain's health insurance platform also includes a refundable tax credit “handout.”

Hannity went on to falsely characterize Obama's platform as including nationalized health care.

Huckabee did not object.