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"Joe the Plumber" is a Lying Tax Cheat But Fox Doesn't Mention That

Reported by Melanie - October 16, 2008 -

Neil Cavuto gave "Joe the Plumber" eight minutes of uninterrupted airtime today (October 16, 2008) during his "business news" show by re-airing an interview he did with "Joe" last night immediately after the debate. Things is, Cavuto presented "Joe" in his original incarnation, not as the person we now know him to be: He didn't say anything about the fact that "Joe's" first name isn't Joe, it's Samuel. Nothing about "Joe" not being a licensed plumber. Nothing about "Joe" being a registered Republican (thus bringing into question his objectivity and motive). Nothing about "Joe" lying on his Facebook page about belonging to a union, and nothing about "Joe" owing back taxes.

Comment: I read somewhere earlier today - wish I could remember where - that calls to "Joe's" house were going unanswered and he was nowhere to be found. Sounds to me like his 15 minutes are catching up with him. I'm willing to bet that had "Joe" been available, he would have appeared live on Cavuto's show, but since he wasn't, and since Cavuto was anxious to continue the propaganda about how "Joe," i.e., Mr. Middle America, will suffer under an Obama presidency, he had to re-air last night's interview while ignoring newly discovered, and now widely known facts, that blow "Joe's" credibility to smithereens.

Just imagine if the tables were turned and Barack Obama embraced someone with a history like "Joe's." Fox would be doing breaking news segments containing all the gory details every four minutes, 24/7.