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FOX News Adds Another Layer Of Punditry To Debate Coverage

Reported by Deborah - October 16, 2008 -

Guest Blogged By Alexis

Last night, 10/15, during the final presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain Foxnews.com added another layer of stimulating punditry to help us lay people understand what each aspect of the debate really means. It was actually a group of people watching the same debate we were, but if you logged onto the streaming video on foxnews.com you could hear their off handed commentary to go along with the debate.

I’m not sure why we need to be told what to think, but Fox sure thinks it’s important. They left it to “The Strategy Room” co-hosted by Heather Nauert who was the ring leader of a group of young, pretty, fresh faced, political analysts giving blow by blows of who was doing well during the debate and who was making mistakes. Can you guess who won in their minds? McCain was clearly the winner to them and did far beyond expectations.

When talking about McCain, some quotes from Nauert include “I feel like I’m in a therapy session “, “ we’re connecting”, and went on to say later that McCain had his best performance easily. She along with one of her co-hosts, Margaret Hoover, who looks like the pretty girl who picked on you in elementary school, proceeded to laugh when Obama was speaking and continually rave at McCain’s performance saying that he was “fabulous” when giving an example of how Obama didn’t cross party lines. Nauert also came out of nowhere to ask why McCain didn’t bring up that congress will be controlled by Democrats and where is the balance of power?

Why couldn’t we watch the debate and decide for ourselves? Well Fox obviously doesn’t believe we can do that and that we need little suggestions in our ears about how to feel about the candidate, whether or not those comments reflect the truth. And in some instances they did not resemble the truth, for example: Nauert said tons of emails were coming in (to her hand held device) from the McCain campaign saying that Obama out spent them on negative advertising and Obama’s claims that McCain was going too negative were bogus. According to NBC, fact checkers picked up on the fact that this was distorted and that Obama may have slightly outspent McCain on negative ads in certain states, but massively outspent him on positive ads overall.

This is just another example of how Fox News would like to control the way their viewers think. I am insulted that they feel we aren’t smart enough to make our own comparisons; that four snarky pundits should tell us how we should feel about our presidential candidates. Next time FOX, let the sorority sisters stay at home with their popcorn and laugh at their own ridiculous comments.