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Dick Morris Pushing "Joe The Plumber" As Key To McCain Victory

Reported by Deborah - October 16, 2008 -

Dick Morris joined Bill O'Reilly for post debate analysis and claimed Joe the Plumber was the key to a possible victory for McCain. It seems like Morris didn't get the word that Joe is a big phony telling viewers that "Joe The Plumber" has " restored the Ronald Reagan tax issue" To make it worse, Morris dug a nice big hole for McCain tying him to Washington insiders.

Morris was rambling more than usual tonight making O'Reilly look definitely uncomfortable. First he did a "Joe The Plumber" routine claiming that people don't want their money given to the "wrong people" He wasted a lot of breath on on this discredited Republican mascot.

Then noting that Obama is like a drug making people feel high after they hear him speak, Morris expressed relief that there were no more debates. O'Reilly didn't want to hear about Obama's charisma and tried to return to his new shtick about "betrayl". Bill-O was only able to keep Morris in line for a short time and then he wandered into a danger zone.

After all his rhetoric about "Joe" and the populous vote, Morris starts talking about how hard it is for McCain to be an "insider" while trying to talk like an "outsider". Morris continued and managed to skewer McCain quite nicely.

"You're talking to these CEOs everyday. You're palling around with them. You're playing golf with them. They're at your Country Club. They're in your face all the time. You're at parties with them Then you have to dump on them."

Pretty funny stuff but BOR got out of there very quickly. Seems like maverick McCain is an insider who hasn't a clue about what's happening on the outside and it shows.