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Chuck Norris trumps The Economist on FOX

Reported by Chrish - October 16, 2008 -

Yesterday 10/15/08 FOX and Friends hosted former Mike Huckabee supporter and martial arts actor Chuck Norris to lend his support to John McCain. Morris thinks McCain would be better on economic issues,. Recall that the Friends also featured a segment on Tuesday that said a poll of CEOs also favored McCain on the economy, mainly because of tax policies (that continue the failed trickle-down philosophy of Bush).

FOX periodically bashes outspoken Hollywood liberals, dismissing their views and criticizing them for trying to use their celebrity to promote their political ideologies. But it's fine to trot out Norris (or Jon Voight, a guest this morning 10/15/08, also supporting McCain) to tell viewers what FOX wants them to hear. This little microcosm of FOX guests tells you all you need to know about their bias.

But should voters be forming opinions on who to trust to steer the economy based on what pundits or actors or businessmen say? Economists, surveyed by The Economist favor Barack Obama to handle to US economy by a 4:1 margin.


But that's too dry, too wonky, to factual, too elite for FOX and their viewers. Norris wants to "give the economy a kick!" and worries that marginal tax increases on the very rich, as proposed by Obama, will make those "job creators" to lay off people and stash their money off-shore. That's already happening; we've lost jobs for nine months straight:


As usual, FOX feeds its fans what it wants them to believe and leaves out salient facts, all the while exposing their own hypocrisy. News? Bah!