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Fox News Propelled "Joe the Plumber" Into the Limelight

Reported by Melanie - October 15, 2008 -

"Joe the Plumber" popped up out of nowhere yesterday (October 14, 2008) as a guest on Fox's "premiere business news" show, Your World w/Neil Cavuto during an hour of Obama bashing. 24 hours later (had you heard of him before tonight?) he's the centerpiece of a presidential debate? Can there be any doubt now as to how much Fox influences the discourse in this country?


Below - in a nutshell - is what "Joe the Plumber" said yesterday (see link above) on Your World. I'm uploading video now and will post it ASAP.

Don Marron, a Wall Street investment guy came next. He and Cavuto talked about the bailout and then Joe Wurtzelbacher brought up the rear over a chyron that read: "Voter Confronts Obama Over His Tax Plan." Wurtzelbacher is an Ohio plumber who asked Obama a question about taxes and didn't like the answer. "His answer actually scared me even more... It's kind of a socialist viewpoint." I don't want to share my money "with other people. That's not the American dream."

Here's the video:

UPDATE 10-16/10:31 a.m. ET - Given this, I'm beginning to wonder if "Joe the Plumber" was a setup, created by the McCain campaign, Fox and who knows who else.