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FOX is really reaching for ways to smear Obama

Reported by Chrish - October 15, 2008 -

On "America's Election HQ" Monday 10/13/08, host Martha MacCallum and guest Tammy Bruce discussed the bad taste tee-shirts of four apparent Obama supporters, and attempted to tie their vulgarity to the Obama campaign. Talk about desperate.

According to a transcript of the segment, four people showed up at a rally wearing tee-shirts that read "Sarah Palin is a ****" (vulgar term for a woman). MacCallum immediately compared these shirts to the shouts that Obama is a "terrorist" and "traitor" and the calls to "kill him:"

"Well, McCain supporters have been accused of stirring up hate, but what about Barack Obama supporters against Governor Sarah Palin. She's impounded with protest in Pennsylvania over the weekend — but the most traumatic is very offensive, frankly, no matter who you support, an anti-Palin t-shirt that is so vulgar, we can't even show you what it says on cable TV. Are these protesters crossing the line?"

She introduced Bruce and asked "...first of all, why haven't we heard more about this?" This provided the opening for the FOX talking point that

"...other than knowing that the general establishment media is in the tank for Obama, the fact is that this is nothing new. This is part and parcel to the attitude and tone of the Obama campaign, which has upset so many Hillary Clinton supporters from the beginning of his presidential run, the misogyny and the sexism. It sets the tone for the supporters and it manifested in this way."

She touched on another FOX/right-wing meme,

"I mean, this is a tone that was set against Hillary and Hillary supporters, which is why John McCain has received so much support from that end. This isn't just about defeating an opponent when it comes to the issues, this is about personal destruction, and this is a kind of thing that many people have decided to reject. And when we deal with issues of character and judgment, what your supporters are doing does reflect what the top of the ticket is doing." [snip]

"Barack Obama, while he may not be approving of these things or writing or printing these t-shirts himself, he has given permission to some of these supporters to behave in this manner. And it is horrific and it is a sign, a representative of what kind of attitude has been set within the Democratic Party and from his campaign."

(Yeah, supporting free speech IS a Democratic principle, unlike Republicans who kick people out because of their bumper stickers and signs.)

To suggest that Obama condones this is ridiculous, and to conflate a common vulgarity to calls to assassinate a presidential candidate is just a desperate attempt at moral equivalency - because they know the folks on their side are far and away more repugnant. And the media is not covering it because they're tee shirts!!! This is not to condone the tee-shirts, but honestly, I've seen as bad at a St. Patrick's Day parade. Free speech is not always pretty, but bad taste is not the equivalent of violence.

H/T gmailer Daphne.