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Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA) Ventures into CavutoWeirdLand and Comes Out Shining

Reported by Melanie - October 14, 2008 -

You've got to watch this exchange between Representative Adam Smith (D-WA) and Neil Cavuto which took place yesterday (October 13, 2008) on Your World.

Smith was on to talk about the money we've been throwing around during this bailout mania and to express his concerns about that. He said that "instead of just spreading money out for the short term," he wants a "more stable, long-term economy." He thinks spending on infrastructure, for example, might be a better way to go, so as to avoid an economy that's "simply dependent upon pumping money in from where ever you can find it."

Toward the end of the interview Cavuto said that what we "just keep throwing money at it" with the "hope that something sticks" but "this is a crap shoot, isn't it." Smith made the fatal mistake of saying something bad about George Bush: "This was, I mean, this was George W. Bush's economic policy to a certain extent. He said, I'm betting on..."

Whooh! Can't have that! Cavuto jumped in, kicking and screaming. He went on to ask Smith why he did "the Bush-is-evil thing again," and he pulled his usual stunt of asking Smith to "tell me one thing you like about the president;" wondering (I kid you not), "Is he a good dad?"

Cavuto continued this inanity for roughly two minutes, looking immature and foolish, but Smith handled himself beautifully. The expressions on his face are priceless. He obviously knew he was in weirdsville and, without actually saying it, he was able to communicate: What's with this wacko?!