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Karl Rove - From Turd Blossom to Decomposing Moose Poop

Reported by Melanie - October 14, 2008 -

Karl Rove today (October 14, 2008) on Your World w/Neil Cavuto:

"You know, I hate, I hate we get in our culture today in a pattern of sort of declaring before the voters have ever voted, what the voters are going to do. We really oughta sit back, examine what these people say, pay attention to what they're doin', and avoid as much as possible sort of premature declarations of he's gonna to win or he's not."

Cavuto, looking a little like this,


didn't gag, flinch, or point out that Rove was acting like decomposing moose poop compared to his cocky turd blossom self of October, 2006:

ROVE: I'm looking at all of these Robert and adding them up. I add up to a Republican Senate and Republican House. You may end up with a different math but you are entitled to your math and I'm entitled to THE math.

SIEGEL: I don't know if we're entitled to a different math but your...

ROVE: I said THE math.