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Hannity’s America One Long Obama Hit Piece – Are We Surprised?

Reported by Priscilla - October 14, 2008 -

Sunday night’s (October 12th) “Hannity’s America” consisted of two segments which equated to an hour long Obama smear. The first half hour consisted of a panel discussion consisting of Hannity, Geraldine Ferraro, Bob Beckel, and Michael Steele. I am curious if Hannity invited Ferraro with the expectation that she would trash Obama; because if so, he must have been disappointed as she was fine. Hannity’s questions were all about Obama and seemed to come straight out of the McCain campaign because they were standard McCain talking points. The second half of the show was a replaying of Hannity’s interview with McCain/Palin during which he asked the same type of “loaded” questions meant to elicit a negative response about Obama while also serving to prop up McCain. The McCain/Palin (or as conflated on Daily Kos, Jonah McPalin) interview has been covered; so I’ll just focus on the first half.

Propaganda involves repetition of a point and Hannity had one point that he kept hammering. I lost count of the times that Hannity said “unrepentant terrorist” in his questions about Obama’s association with Ayers. Hannity began his questions about the Ayers “connection” after playing the McCain ad which, according to Hannity, showed Obama’s “lack of character and judgment.” (Comment: if college drop out Hannity were a real journalist, he would know that a modifying adjective such as “purported” should have been use before “lack…”) Right wing talking points were scored in Hannity’s reference to the “radical education foundation” that Ayers and Obama served on. (Comment: the conservative Annenberg Foundation run by the Annenberg’s, some of whom have endorsed McCain, radical? Who knew?) . After referencing Barack Obama’s association with an “unrepentant terrorist," Hannity said to Ferraro, “we’ve (guess he means Fox News) talked, at length (no s&#t Sherlock!) about “extreme associations with Obama.” He did the standard rightwing litany of Ayers’ “launching” Obama’s career (disputed) and Obama “blurbing” Ayers book. (Comment: Yeah, Sean – a real radical book about the effect of the court system on children in juvenile court.) After this homily, Hannity asked Ferraro if “we should be concerned.” The next question was “how do you say you’re going to be tough on terrorism when you’re friends with an “unrepentant terrorist?” (Comment: During Hannity’s media circus outside the Schiavo hospice, Hannity seemed pretty friendly with convicted anti-abortion thug, Randall Terry, whose “pals” still advocate abortion clinic violence!)

Naturally, we hear nothing of the fact that Ayers is a respected professor who serves, with Republicans, on a board that is directed toward improving education for children. Naturally, we hear nothing about McCain’s connections to the Keating 5, The Council for World Freedom – a group that was considered very radical by the ADL, and his association with Gordon Liddy). Hannity worked in mention of Father Phlegler, Obama’s attendance at the million man march (nothing sinister there) and his association with (one more time) an “unrepentant terrorist.” Hannity wanted to know if Obama has been honest about his relationship with (one more time, again) an “unrepentant terrorist.”

Naturally, Hannity played the McCain ad which calls Obama “dishonorable” in his accusations that American troops bombed villages and killed civilians. As noted in Fact Check, the quote was taken out of context and the “collateral damage” in Afghanistan is a great concern to Karzai. Hannity wanted to know when Obama would apologize to the troops.

Naturally, Hannity brought up all the Obama as a tax and spender points being said by McCain. Once again, Hannity had his facts wrong when he claimed that Obama voted 94 times to raise taxes. As noted in Fact Check this count is “padded” and “most of those were measures to tax the rich or corporations; many aimed to fund government programs; and most didn’t actually raise taxes in and of themselves.”

Comment: “Hannity’s America” is a place where smears rule and where “real journalism” isn’t allowed in. But when I heard the ka-ching of cash for Planned Parenthood during the intro song, I felt good! "Let freedom ring!"