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FOX makes the choice clear: one candidate for the people, one for corporate CEOs. Sound familiar?

Reported by Chrish - October 14, 2008 -

Remember 2000, when Al Gore told us that Bush was for the powerful, and he, Gore, was for the people? FOX and Friends inadvertently demonstrated this morning 10/14/08 that we are at that crossroads again. How'd that work out for you last time?

Steve Doocy introduced the first segment saying "So we've been telling you a little bit about ACORN..." Well, LOL. They've been obsessing about then, hammering the issue, creating the myth that the organization is involved in a nation-wide conspiracy to steal the election for Obama through voter fraud...but in reality, all they've got are some isolated incidents of a few people registering multiple times, hardly a game-changer. Here's a look at one day on FOX News, courtesy of MediaMatters, and I can attest that this is just a small sample because FOX and Friends alone has this many references:

To bolster their argument that Obama and ACORN are working together, FOX showed a clip of Obama speaking to a forum of community organizers (including ACORN reps) wherein he vowed, if elected, that he would meet with them again during the transition period and get their input in shaping his agenda. In other words, he'd listen to real people to hear what their needs are on a community level. The Friends were horror-stricken.

It's interesting that, while conservatives claim to want to shrink government and get the feds out of local decisions, they are opposed to actual community organizations who are taking local matters into their own hands.

Gretchen Garlson injected the talking point that ACORN is somehow responsible for helping the poor secure loans they couldn't afford, leading to the foreclosure crisis, but that's a lie. ACORN has worked for years to help poor people who have been victimized by predatory lending practices and have issued a statement to counter John McCain's ad making the false accusations that FOX is amplifying.

The next segment used pie charts to show viewers that corporate executives favor McCain ("fear Obama") by a large (4:1) margin, and was sprinkled with mentions of their fears of Obama tax policies and reforms. These are the guys, Doocy reminded viewers, "who are creating jobs for all of us." Not lately:


One executive fears that Obama "will bankrupt the compa...country in three years," read Doocy. Freudian slip?

The chyrons and talking points are taken verbatim from Chief Executive magazine. These executives are supposedly people "who understand better than anyone else where we're going economically, because they see the big picture from the high perch, the most success," said Brian Kilmeade, lending legitimacy to the poll findings. I beg to differ: CEO's are concerned about their corporate interests, not national interests. They want what they think will be best for their bottom lines and their own pockets.

But economists surveyed by The Economist favor Obama by a 4:1 margin. Hmm, FOX overlooked that one.


So once again we have the choice between a candidate who is beholden to his lobbyist and corporate handlers, and one who is promising to listen to the people. Let's hope we fare better this time around; speaking of bankruptcies, I don't think we could survive another term of corporate rule.