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FOX Friends add polling data doubt to voter fraud arsenal

Reported by Chrish - October 13, 2008 -

Because they're parroting Republican talking points to help John McCain win the election, by hook or by crook, this morning 10/13/08 FOX and Friends again visited the fairy tale of ACORN and widespread voter fraud. Since that phony issue is receiving a lot of pushback from the parties involved, the blogosphere, and saner heads on television, all options are being put on the table. Added to the ACORN stew today was the issue of polling errors, both before, during, and after Election Day, and the possibility of felons voting.
With video.

With little news except to mention Florida Secretary of State Kurt Browning's (no, not that one) surprise at predictions of "only" 4,900 convicted felons voting illegally in Florida, the Friends expressed amazement that some felons might vote in states where it's prohibited. They're looking for all sorts of "evidence" that will explain Obama's seemingly inevitable win in 3 weeks.

Gretchen Carlson received a call at home from someone who "sounded like" they were from a national polling group. She lied to the pollster about her identity, not wanting to give the "half hour," but now she's wondering just who does have a half-hour to spend with a pollster? You can practically see the gears turning in her head. Obviously, people who are less busy than herself, perhaps because they're.... unemployed? Maybe just lonely losers? That could explain Obama's lead. It seemed for a moment she thought that the busy people would all vote Republican, but Steve Doocy disabused her of that idea. What, then, is the problem with the polls? Her lack of participation was balanced out by a random Democratic voter also too busy to take the call. She's just sowing doubt.

Doocy also added that because, in some states, up to a third of votes will already be cast by absentee or advance ballot, the exit polls on November 4th may be meaningless (if they show a big lead for Obama, he doesn't say but we know what he means) and the early ballots could flip the apparent outcome.

Last but not least, "election fraud expert extraordinaire" Eric Shaun was in Ohio, where hearings were scheduled to begin examining a couple of people who claim they were plied with cigarettes and $1s to register multiple times. These people are the ones who have committed voter fraud and should be prosecuted, and if anyone in ACORN or any other organization is indeed trying to get already registered voters to sign up again to meet some kind of quota, they should be terminated and prosecuted if allowable.

In a fairandbalanced discussion Gretchen Carlson brought on Greg Gutfeld, host of RedEye, FOX's excrutiatingly caustic and unfunny "comedy" show, and Michelle Malkin, similarly caustic and unfunny. Both are - surprise surprise - in a twist over the allegations of ACORN's "admission of fraud," as the chyrons would lead you to believe. Malkin incorrectly (and I don't believe it was a mistake) conflated ACORN's partisan PAC, which has endorsed Obama, and their non-partisan get-out-the-vote efforts. Because the demographics they attempt to register are poor and many are minorities, it is assumed that many will vote Democratic - but Republicans are free to register at their country clubs and other gathering places. She recommended that the IRS look into them - talk about intimidation!

So FOX continues its daily assault on the American election process (thanks, Rupert!) and will only stop their yammering if McCain takes the lead or "wins." They will only support legal challenges if Obama wins; if McCain seems to pull it off, they'll call the challenging Democrats crybabies and sore losers, and accuse them of trying to steal the election. You betcha.