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Rick Davis denies "any wrongdoing" by Palin day after bipartisan finding that she violated Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act

Reported by Chrish - October 12, 2008 -

Chris Wallace corrects him, but Rick Davis, McCaign's dirty campaign manager, keeps on pushing the truth he wants rather than the truth that is.

Davis mentions in the video that "This was going nowhere until the point at which Sarah Palin was asked to join our ticket." Uh, wrong again, Davis. The Alaskan blogger at MudFlats has been covering this since it first hit the fan, and said in July (long before people outside Alaska had ever heard of Palin):

"So, what does the Legislature think of all this? Buckle your seatbelts Alaska, and prepare for…..another investigation.

Senate President Lyda Green (fellow Wasilla Republican and Palin arch-nemesis), and Senate Judiciary Chairman Hollis French have said that an investigation is likely, and Senator Johnny Ellis stated this weekend, “There will be an inquiry. Any use of public position for personal use or gain is wrong. We will get to the bottom of it.” Same story in the House. And the House and Senate are talking about holding hearings regarding the Monegan firing. It’s only a matter of time before the can is opened and the worms come out.

This investigation will have a slightly different flavor than the others to date. So far we’ve had investigations (with accompanying indictments and convictions) of state legislators, and of oil service execs. We’ve got investigations of our congressional delegation, and likely an ex-governor. But now we’re going to have an investigation of not only a sitting governor, but a potential Vice Presidential candidate. Until now, Palin has been the darling of the right, and on McCain’s short list for VP running mate. She’s cute, she’s tough, she wears red suits, she’s a social conservative, she’s pro-life, she’s a woman, she’s a hockey mom with 5 kids, and most of all she’s squeaky squeaky clean! … Uh oh."

ThinkProgress has the video and more.

And good for Chris Wallace for at least trying to stem the tide of lies.