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Republican Guest On FOX Tacitly Admits Voter Fraud Issue A Set-Up To Challenge An Obama Win

Reported by Ellen - October 12, 2008 -

We have long suspected here on News Hounds that FOX News’ obsession with voter fraud is nothing more than a set-up to challenge the validity of a Barack Obama win should it happen. We saw the same set-up during the 2004 election, only to have those concerns disappear the moment George Bush won the election. But now that John McCain is slipping in the polls, the issue has suddenly resurfaced on FOX. Last Thursday (10/9/08), John Fund, the author of “Stealing Elections” and the chief “voter-fraud” monger, appeared on Hannity & Colmes and essentially confirmed that our suspicions are correct. With video.

During the first part of the segment, Sean Hannity outright accused Barack Obama of trying to steal the election via the community group ACORN who has been found to have made some false voter registrations. “Why does Barack have this history of associating with every radical and then lying and dissembling about it?” Hannity asked.

It's an outrageous and despicable lie on the face of it but especially so coming from Sean Hannity who associates with a host of modern day bigots including a Neo-Nazi on the Southern Poverty Hate Watch list. 

Hannity slyly continued his slanderous assault on Obama by pretending he was just relaying information he had gathered. Hannity said, “John Fund, I’m talking to a lot of people on the ground in states like Ohio and this is what they’re telling me, and especially with a Democratic Secretary of State. That there is an effort afoot right now in this campaign to see to it that people that are not qualified because they are registered and can vote in the same day, that they are voting where they could not meet the qualifications... Are you concerned that there's an effort by the Obama campaign, through groups like ACORN that they’re funding, to steal this election?”

Hannity never revealed who those “people on the ground” were. For all we know, they were McCain media spokespeople and/or Karl Rove. As we have come to expect, there was no Obama campaign spokesman, no ACORN spokesman, no Ohio state spokesman to counter Hannity’s spin, just FOX News Democrat Bob Beckel who seemed not to have figured out where Hannity and FOX News are trying to go with this issue.

Fund answered, “Look, I think ACORN is operating independently of the Obama campaign but the ties are very clear.”

When it was Alan Colmes’ turn, he pointed out that fraudulent registrations are not the same as voter fraud, that fraudulent registrations have not been found to lead to voter fraud and told Fund that it has “nothing whatsoever to do with Barack Obama, much as you would probably like to tie him to this for the purpose of this campaign.”

Colmes also said, “It sounds to me (unintelligible), John, in swing states where McCain’s not doing so well you’re concerned, you’re already setting it up to claim that it’s fraud, he didn’t win because of fraud. You’re concerned he’s going to lose and you’re setting up a dynamic here to make that, trying to make that case prior to the election when he loses the election.”

Fund did not deny that. In fact, he tacitly admitted it with a “Democrats did it, too” response. Fund told Colmes, “Well, excuse me. The Democrats yelled fraud after 2000. The Democrats yelled fraud after 2004. I say there’s fraud in both parties. I don’t think any party has a monopoly on virtue. But I will tell you Obama has never criticized ACORN once.”

This strikes me as a good time to write to FOX News execs and ask them again why, since they are so concerned about Obama’s associations, they STILL have not explained Sean Hannity’s association with a Neo-Nazi.


You can also contact Hannity at hannity@foxnews.com or Colmes at colmes@foxnews.com.