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More Hate Mail

Reported by Melanie - October 12, 2008 -

Here's our latest batch of hate mail (October 12, 2008). They're exact replicas of those that landed in our in box — grammatical errors, misspellings and all. Please be aware that some of them contain swear words so if you're offended by that you might want to click on to another post. Additionally, there is one very hateful, very racist email here that I had second thoughts about including; I caught my breath when I read it. Yet it's a reflection — sadly — of what's out there so, here it is.

September 19, 2008. Subject: Your ridiculous website.

So why is Fox the number 1 rated cable news network? Because it is the only media that isn't slanted left. So when you kool-aid drinking, conspiracy seeking liberals see a network doing better then democratic mouthpieces you guys go nuts. I love it! Oh yeah cbs, nbc, abc, cnn, msnbc they are all so fair. Get with it and remove your heads from your asses. The media is been in the tank for obama like never seen before you sit here and trash Fox? Get a real job and so you don't have to leave on Government hand outs when you can't pay your mortgage. Oh are you relying on donations for ficitious web site that looks like it was put together by a 13 yr old with a web page design 101 book.

September 20, 2008. Subject: Pulling comments.

Dear Ms. Intellect,

You are not prone to deep waves of thought or you would not have pulled my comments earlier today. Oh well it is your site full of bias and baloney. To bad, you are scared of another point of view. You have proven to me that you are worse than Fox News about being one sided.

Wishing you more truthfull comments in the future

September 26, 2008. Subject: (No subject).

"Newshounds" try "Bloodhounds". Just another left wing radical group of misfits, and malcontents against everything that our great country was founded upon. You are 'welded' to the move on. orgs and the 'hollywood' fashionable and mindless proponents of the, Bill Mahers, Jon Stewarts, Michael Moore's, Richard Dreyfus, Al Franken, George Clooney, Chevy Chase (is he kidding, not even he is interested in his opinion!), others to numerous to name and lest not forget the national media who are reporting 'only' what can be in any way, 'helpful' to try and get Obama elected, and who refuse to report, 'truths and reality' which if reported, would result in an overwhelming landslide victory for John McCain. Add on the incompetent reporters of CNN, MSNBC, CBS, N.Y. Times, Newsday, Washington Post, on and on, who simply are disillusioned minions of the Left Wing Democratic Party, and would and will say and do anything that is in direct contradiction to any and all conservatives and those who live by being accountable and responsible citizens of our great Nation.

The saving grace "of being inundated every day with the venomous lies and derogatory statements spewing from the mouths of those mentioned above and the multitude of others who can only voice meaningless opionions based on hated for all that our Great Nation was founded upon" is that we can look to John McCain to lead our Nation to prosperity and be secure knowing that we will have chosen a man who has proven himself not only to be brave and heroic, but who has exhibited his love and devotion to our great Country. . The freedoms and rights so many of our brave Americans have fought for will continue to sustain us with John McCain as President.

After all is said and done, those who will have failed to 'infect' the majority of Americans with 'their' virus of hatred and socialistic agendas, and who have tried desperately to sabotage the election with their daily doses of mistruths and biased reporting, will once again awaken to the only choice, the Right Choice, for President, John MCCain.

Print this, better yet, print the 'unbiased' truth just once, only then will you come to the realization that the radical left can never overcome or defeat the righteous multitude of hard working and loyal Americans.

September 26, 2008. Subject: We watch Fox so you don't have to??

That's awesome! Now we can all become idiots by letting idiot left-wingers interpret idiot right-wing media! God help us all.

September 26, 2008. Subject: Poor lying liberal.

What a waste of internet space!

September 27, 2008. Subject: oh you mal-informed.

2008 Presidential Election | Candidates | Results - America’s Election HQ
Is this what you were talking about in the fox news poll-you silly silly human, it is a poll taken before the debates--you are really a funny funny person with a funny funny web-site, to bad you use your talent to slam another individual, or the only fair and balanced news channel, like it or not it is really the most fair and balanced. Newshounds my ass-you should call yourself - I don't know i can't think of a clever enough name yet, but i will. I will be the one who logs onto Newshounds.com so you don't have to-ha that sounds fun-Michelle--I log unto NewsHounds.com so you don't have to;<()

Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny

September 28, 2008. Subject: Where are the news hounds on cnn and msnbc? Come on guys, get real.

Where are the news hounds on cnn and msnbc? Come on guys, get real.

September 28, 2008. Subject: (No subject).

I know you print all of the trash you are dishing out as the Gospel Truth but we weren't born yesterday and you aren't fooling anyone with your lies...... It is such a shame that people like yourself has to stoop so low as to try to ruin the names of good decent people....... You may fool a lot of simpletons with your trash and you may get away with it but the good LORD knows and someday you will pay the price .......

September 29, 2008. Subject: Say what.

Palin needs three, three and a half days to prepare for this thing? What if she gets a call at 3:00 a.m.?

She's the VP, I hope, and her phone won't ring at 3:00 a.m. Your an IDIOT.

October 2, 2008. Subject: "We watch Fox so you don't have to" - You should change your slogan.

Fox news just had it's 27th consecutive quarter as the #1 cable news channel......apparently the "we watch fox" in your slogan has caught on with millions. Keep up the good work, thanks to all from Fox news, we could not have done it without you. What a hoot!!

October 4, 2008. Subject: You are the WORST ideologues out there!

I watched Bill O'Reilly's program for the first time this week after someone sent me your link. I wanted to see for myself how horrible O'Reilly is . . . . and what I found is that he is probably the ONLY fair and balanced journalist out there! YOU guys are unbelievably blind.

So, thank you -- you just converted me to from being a previous O'Reilly-hater to a fan of his show, and I will watch his program and will regularly purchase from those sponsor his show.

October 4, 2008. Subject: Question for Newshounds.

I spent a few minutes on your site and I get it, Fox News has a Conservative slant. I watch Fox and will concede they often do have a Conservative tilt. You think you just made a huge discovery, like finding a cure for cancer? LOL That's why Fox is so successful. Half of America is center-right, so about 150 MILION people can relate to Fox. Maybe you need to be clued in that it's not illegal to be a Conservative. And, furthermore, while I concede Fox's Conservative tilt, I also concede a Liberal tilt of ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, The New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Time, Newsweek, AP, UPI, Reuters and almost every other news source. LOL What's the matter, you're having a meltdown over one major news outlet not tilting the way every other one tilts? Do you want EVERY news outlet to tilt Left? Your parents must be proud you're wasting your time like this. LOL

October 4, 2008. Subject: Fox.

Fox has a Democrat on who is supporting McCain and you, what, want to shut Fox down? The time I checked, itwas not illegal in America for a Democrat to vote Republican. I hope you have a real job, too, to pay the bills. Margaret

October 7, 2008. Subject: to fellow comunists.

You jerks are all left wing commies. All that you say is untruth garbage.
More pwer to Mccain Palin.

October 11, 2008. Subject: you.

your the biggest lying fairies I have ever seen, we do NOT want a NIGGER in the WHITE house, you monkies!

Comment: That last one literally caught my breath but as I said in the opening, people who think that way out there, no denying it. Let's keep on keepin' on, hard as it is sometimes.