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Newt Gingrich Spins "Troopergate" Into Badge Of Honor For Palin

Reported by Deborah - October 10, 2008 -

Newt Gingrich was there for poor misunderstood Sarah Palin now forced to answer for her behavior as Governor of Alaska in the "Troopergate" investigation. Big Daddy McCain and all his magic lawyers couldn't make it go away and the report is supposedly coming out today. Newt Gingrich assured the anxious FOX fans that none of this will hurt Palin at all and also praised her concern for her sister.

Gingrich artfully chose his words carefully avoiding "abuse of power" and instead said " If they do conclude that she was too moved by her sister's divorce and put too much pressure on, it will probably be bruising, not seriously." He stressed that Palin is not corrupt and the brother in law did "weird" things. Naturally he closed with a comparison to Democrats who have done much worse.