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FOX critique of Palin photo shows double standard, sexism

Reported by Chrish - October 10, 2008 -

On America's Newsroom yesterday 10/08/09, Megyn Kelly, she who critiqued Michelle Obama's bluish-green dress color as "not the color for these women" was distracting viewers with complaints about the Newsweek cover photo of Sarah Palin. The photo shows Palin's pores, hairs, and wrinkles, heavens. Isn't it sexist to complain about a woman's cosmetic imperfections, and degrading to do so to one running for high office?

Kelly reported that as of several years ago, Newsweek's policy stated that as a news magazine, they were not in the business of retouching photos they publish. That said, the cover shot was then critiqued by professional photographer William Mathis, who said if anything, it looks like the photo was enhanced to make her look worse, which fits in nicely with the FOX Republicans-as-victims storyline. That wicked liberal media!

Previous covers of both McCain and Obama do not appear to be retouched or airbrushed either. That FOX/Kelly brought attention to Palin's imperfections and the segment insinuated that there was a nefarious political motive is anti-feminist. Women are human, imperfect, and we age, just like men, and to hold Palin to a "higher" standard of an unrealistic perfection is blatant sexism.

This also serves to prop up the "media hates Sarah" premise that FOX uses as an excuse for her campaign-imposed isolation from real journalists.