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Cavuto: It's "The Obama Sell-Off" Because He's Going to Bring Us Socialism

Reported by Melanie - October 10, 2008 -

Neil Cavuto, unethical shill for the extreme, radical right anchor of Fox's "premiere business news" show headed to a break today (October 10, 2008) with this on the screen,


(UPDATE below.)

and this teaser: "Alright. Ah, the Obama sell-off. Someone who says that stocks are diving because Obama's lead is growing. He's gonna explain. And, fair and balanced, someone else who says that guy is nuts."

After the break, and over a chyron that read "Is Wall Street Worried Because Obama is Winning?" Cavuto introduced radio talk show host Steve Cordasco who said, "I'm not saying that's the catalyst to this thing but, you know, congress has scared the American public into this bailout package." He said the people who call his show and send him emails say, "Hay, I'm looking at the polls. I see who's likely to win office, and I don't have confidence that that person is going to be able to lead our country to better times."

Cavuto said "it could be more to the point that Obama has expressed a willingness to raise capital gains taxes, you could just be doing something convenient, and, and, trying to cash out before those taxes go up, right?" (Cavuto ends all of his outrageous statements —including those in his chyrons —with a question mark.)

(Yesterday Cavuto's theme was that the market was tanking because everyone was selling their stocks to avoid Obama's proposed capital gains tax increase. Here and here.)

Cordasco said, "That's one approach" but the market is telling us "it doesn't like the economic policy of Senator Obama and if you look at the policy, within the last ten days, it blew up. Congress blew up his economic agenda. Hank Paulson blew up his economic agenda." Obama's economic agenda "is no longer what's going to be healthy for our country. ... What is going to make things worse is tax and spend, and the public is seeing that." (How these guys can whine about spending and label Democrats "tax and spend" after W has bankrupted the country, I'll never know.)

And that was that. Moving on to the next segment, Cavuto told what turned out to be another Big Lie: "Alright. Fair and balanced. Now the other side. My next guest says that markets could be tanking because this guy (video of McCain) is talking about bigger government actually more than the other guy (video of Obama). Regardless, radio talk show host Andrew Wilcow is here to explain."

Wilcow said McCain's "problem is he's trying to be too populist" and though Obama "won't give us the terminology of what it is he's describing," it's "socialism."

Cavuto said "I've always argued on this show and elsewhere, Andrew, that [get this] we are heading to an era of big government whether it's a Republican who gets elected or a Democrat who gets elected."

Wilcow wondered, "Why can't they say it?" If Obama "called it socialism, people would go running. That's the frustrating thing is that he's describing it. He's defining it. But he's not terming it."

At the end of the Wilcox segment, Fox went to a split screen with a shot from an anti-bailout rally held today in D.C.:


Comment: Neil. You call that fair and balanced?! These guys have nothing. Nothing. They're dishonest and vile. Their policies caused this meltdown and their guys are now talking about implementing "socialist" policies (I expect the s*it on that will hit the fan over the weekend); they are the "big government" guys. But folks, this is what passes as "news" on the Fox News Channel, "America's election headquarters."

UPDATE: Oops. Looks like the Bushies are pushing that scary socialism as we speak: Paulson: U.S. Will Invest In Banks.