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Please Tell Bill O'Reilly That McCain and Palin Are Not Victims

Reported by Deborah - October 9, 2008 -

While John McCain and Sarah Palin travel the country smearing and denigrating Barack Obama in front of jeering crowds screaming hateful things like "kill him", Bill O'Reilly continues to paint McCain and Palin as victims of his favorite all encompassing group he calls "far left". Tonight he used examples that most of us would never have known about if he hadn't searched them out to promote his absurd "culture war". Margaret Hoover and Monica Crowley, both conservative, are now his regular Culture War analysts who come on every week to speculate about why and how much the "far left" hates them and how much the feeling is mutual.

O'Reilly opened with the ridiculous claim that Factor viewers are well informed but the average voter can be swayed by pop culture and all they're hearing is "rabid" anti-McCain/Palin sentiment.

Who were those nasty people hurting poor John and Sarah and threatening to sway the vote? First he showed Cybil Shepard talking calmly and seriously about her concerns about McCain and Palin. There was not a hint of growling or foam around her mouth. Next was Alec Baldwin imitating Palin's grating voice on Bill Maher's Real Time on HBO. Has BOR ever watched the crap on FNC's Red Eye? Then we saw Madonna shouting and clapping something or other during a concert. Then a youtube spoof from P. Diddy about being afraid of Sarah Palin.. Anyone who bases their vote on this sort of thing probably couldn't find the polls anyway. Of course, the chances that anyone saw them in the first place is pretty slim.

After Hoover and Crowley gave viewers their redundant analysis, Bill O'Reilly offered to send them to South Beach to find examples of "uninformed" voters. How interesting and revealing that he chose South Beach