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It's Obama's Fault That the Stock Market is Crashing, Vol. II

Reported by Melanie - October 9, 2008 -

Or, Major, Major Wing Nut Alert

According to Neil Cavuto, Sarah Palin told Greta Van Susteren last night that "it's time to start pointing fingers at congress and Barack Obama" for our financial mess. So what did he do? He dutifully brought on Tom Feeney (R-FL) today (October 9, 2008), a best bud of Jack Abramoff and one of the most corrupt members of congress, to do just that.

Feeney, a real wing nut (read on) and an obvious defender of the top 2%, proceeded to say that "congress should be blamed but not the free market conservatives." He said he believes "the left in America has been waiting all my adult lifetime for a crisis like this so they can take the largest leap toward socialism ever. We're now talking about nationalizing banks and we've nationalized the largest insurance company." (Too bad Cavuto didn't jump in and point out that the Bush administration nationalized AIG and they're the ones who are talking about nationalizing banks.)

Feeney said he voted against "the Fannie, Freddie bailout" and actually tried to privatize those two institutions "years ago" in order to get the taxpayers "out of the gambling business on Wall Street," and "of course, I voted against these bailouts twice. Neil. I, I believe this. I believe that investors worldwide are betting that Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama are going to take this country towards socialism and that's why the market is collapsing today."

Cavuto: "You think that the prospect of the capital gains taxes going up, we did have one investor [Vol. I of the blame-Obama meme today] say that was a bit of an impitus for him to get out - his name is Kelsey Grammer - but I've heard from others who say that it's at least another reason to sell, but the only reason to?"

Feeney: "Well, it's not the only reason but remember that the left has promised huge increases in personal income taxes [ahem — for those making over $250,000]. America has the second largest corporate tax in, of, of, of, in the world, in the free market system. Look, Neil, two things happen when you promise to punish investors and taxpayers. Number one, they either put the money underground or they send it overseas. [That's what I'm doing. Wink, wink.] That's happening as we speak. I believe the markets are betting that congress, led by left wingers like Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank, will continue to do stupid things although I believe part of this is deliberate. Remember, these..."

Cavuto interrupted and threw in an attempt at appearing "fair and balance" by reminding Feeney that a lot of the "diehards" in his party are "saying, we're bigger spenders than they are."

Feeney proceeded to talk about his great rating with outfits like Americans for Tax Reform and agreed that Republicans "spent like Democrats but Democrats are spending like socialists and drunken sailors...investors are betting that the political future of America is really bad right now. We're gonna go, we're gonna undo all the great gains for prosperity and freedom Ronald Reagan did and Lady Thatcher across the pond and I'm terrified. I'm really scared. November 4 is going to be a very important election. Freedom versus socialism."

Here's video:

Comment: Sigh. You know, these guys have nothing left but to appeal to the 25% crowd, but thanks to the coordinated effort of the likes of Fox, this crap is seeping through: