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Hannity Theme Song Writer Donating Song Royalties To Planned Parenthood. Oh Noooo….

Reported by Priscilla - October 9, 2008 -

With the images of the red, white, and blue, Sean Hannity’s show begins with a stirring anthem of patriotic freedom sure to stir the hearts of those “great American” patriots who live in the ghetto known as Hannity’s America. Martina McBride’s strong voice soars with words that seem to put fear the fear of God into those who would dare to challenge the pure vision of America according to the gospel of Sean Hannity: “let freedom ring, let the white dove sing, let the whole world know that today is a day of reckoning. Let the weak be strong, let the right be wrong roll the stone away, let the guilty pay, it’s independence day.” But there’s heresy in the land. Not only is this not a song about patriotism, the song writer is donating royalties to Planned Parenthood in Sarah Palin’s name. Is Sean Hannity an accomplice to this blasphemy?

Does Hannity know that the writer of the song, Gretchen Peters, will be contributing royalties, from this song, to that bastion of all that is wrong with the world – Planned Parenthood – the place that, according to Hannity’s “pal,” Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson is genociding black babies and being aided in that genocide by the U.S. Government! (Comment: Neglecting, of course, the comprehensive health care which PPFA provides for women of all ages.) Peters, like so many of the women that John McCain was hoping to woo with the selection of rabid anti choice Sarah Palin for Vice-President, feels that her song is being used for the wrong reasons: "They are co-opting the song, completely overlooking the context and message, and using it to promote a candidate who would set women's rights back decades," Peters said. The song is not, as Sean Hannity would have it, about patriotism; but about domestic abuse – something that we all know never happens in Hannity’s America.

Comment: How will Hannity deal with this blasphemy, seeing that witch trials are so old school? Is it time to bring back Lee Greenwood? (Certainly not the Dixie Chicks!) There is some irony in the use of this song to aid a party which has, as its platform, policies that are abusive to women. All I can say is that if you write a check to Planned Parenthood – do it for Sarah and Sean!!!!

Song lyrics here: http://www.lyrics007.com/Martina%20McBride%20Lyrics/Independence%20Day%20Lyrics.html