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FOX News' McCain/Palin Infomercial Pimps Palin As “One Of The Foremost Experts” On Energy

Reported by Ellen - October 9, 2008 -

“Mavericks” John McCain and Sarah Palin sat down for yet another FOX News infomercial on last night's (10/8/08) Hannity & Colmes staged on their behalf by Sean Hannity and without the inconvenience of any possibly disagreeable questions from Alan Colmes. No maverick questions for the mavericks allowed! Instead, McCain promoted Palin as “one of the foremost experts” on energy while echoing her own distortions about her record on a natural gas pipeline that supposedly helped earn her prominent place in the world of energy experts. Self-styled “journalist” Hannity never questioned a word. With video.

At the 5:16 mark in the video below (which counts down from the end), Hannity asked McCain about “the role that Governor Palin would play in a McCain administration... Tell us what do you envision for the governor as her role?”

McCain answered, “Well, first of all, she's probably one of the foremost experts in this nation on energy issues. And she's responsible for – make a long story short, a pipeline, a $40 billion pipeline bringing natural gas from Alaska down to the lower 48.”

Besides the fact that there is no agreement to build the pipeline and it's not a $40 billion project, Palin's work on the pipeline would hardly make her “one of the foremost experts” on energy in the country.

But Palin's mojo didn't stop there. McCain continued, “She has been involved in these issues of energy in many unique ways, including being on the board that oversights the natural gas and oil resources and other resources in the State of Alaska. And so I think that there's nobody more qualified to take on our mission of becoming energy independence.”

NOBODY more qualified? That didn't even raise one of Hannity's eyebrows.

How will Palin accomplish that mission of energy independence? What is she going to do with solar power? Wind? Bio fuels? Hannity never asked, even though Palin later bragged that she is for “all of the above” when it comes to solving our difficulties.

Instead, after McCain listed a few more of Palin's prospective duties such as working on finding the cause and a cure for autism, Hannity helpfully and admiringly added, “and on top of all the other responsibilities of being Vice President and that means national security and all the other issues.”

Yes, Palin is a national security maven, too, according to McCain. “Energy is national security. National security is energy,” he said in all seriousness.

But the energy expert from Alaska gave the impression that her strategy for energy independence consists of attacking Barack Obama by mischaracterizing his positions. Palin falsely claimed Obama has said, “no, no no to every domestic solution that has been proposed.” In her condescending, schoolmarm voice that suddenly lost its Fargo accent and regained its “g's,” Palin added, “That was kind of perplexing last night listening to Barack Obama's position all of a sudden saying 'yea to clean coal' and perhaps 'yea to offshore.' He's so on-record as having opposed and Senator Biden having opposed those.”

If Palin ever bothered to study an issue, as opposed to a talking point, she might have known that Obama's position on energy has always included “clean coal” and nuclear energy.

Once again, Hannity not only didn't correct the record, he helped distort it. Hannity wrongly added, “Last night (McCain) brought up the fact that Senator Obama was against nuclear energy.”

Palin regained her folksy accent just in time for one of her stump lines, accusing Obama of “drillin' for votes.”