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Presidential Debate Disappoints FOX - not enough "Character" assassination, oops, issues

Reported by Chrish - October 8, 2008 -

The tone on FOX and Friends was somewhat subdued this morning 10/08/08 as they realized their man McCain did not fair so well in last night's debate with Barack Obama. Gretchen Carlson was not happy with the town hall format, supposedly McCain's forte, because of restrictions placed (and agreed to by both sides prior to the event).

She regretted that there was not such a free-wheeling atmosphere as at his campaign town halls (where the majority if not all attendees are pre-screened supporters) and bemoaned the fact that "character" questions were not asked. It was apparently all too wonky and professional for the circus-lovin' FOXholes.

More later; please consider this your debate discussion thread - and keep it on topic and respectful, please. This means ignore the trolls - do not engage! You know what it will devolve into! You know who you are.