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FOX knows the truth but insinuates vast left-wing conspiracy instead

Reported by Chrish - October 8, 2008 -

Yesterday 10/07/08, FOX and Friends insinuated that NBC's pulling of a Saturday Night Live skit from YouTube was part of a political conspiracy to mock Sarah Palin but protect Democrats from the same level of satirical scrutiny. Even though Steve Doocy revealed that it had been pulled because of fearful complaints by Herbert and Marion Sandler, underneath whose likenesses were the words "People who should be shot," they still continued the suspicious rumoring that it was politically motivated.
With video.

Of course this fits right into the ongoing talking point at FOX that NBC is in the tank for Obama/Democrats and that only FOX can be trusted to bring viewers the whole unvarnished truth, fairandbalanced. It also helps serve the more recent victim mentality that is trying to absolve Republicans, after 6/8 years of one-party rule, of causing the current disastrous state of the union.