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Bill O'Reilly's Hollywood Moment Falls Flat

Reported by Deborah - October 8, 2008 -

Guest Blogged By Alexis

Bill O’Reilly was giddy,10/3, when he had the opportunity to talk with cast members, Kelsea Grammer and Kevin Farley, from “An American Carol”, the “Airplane” like spoof ridiculing progressive political icons like Michael Moore. From the clips O’Reilly’s producers put together the viewer gets a patch work of scenes making fun of soldiers and torture, parodying Rosie O'Donnell with O’Reilly in his limited cameo saying no one believes her or listens to what she says. Essentially the whole interview is an homage to everything O’Reilly holds dear: smearing and making fun of liberal Americans.

O'Reilly had a great time showing the Michael Moore character, getting slapped in the face repeatedly and took a jab at Obama showing a part where a group of terrorists all jumped out from behind rocks when Hussein was called out.

And if O’Reilly feels like comparing American Carol to Bill Maher’s “Religulous” —there is no comparison. Bill Maher is doing a satire of religion and religious zealots all over the world, covering every religious belief with no judgment on their particular choice. Maher is just commenting on, in his quirky sort of way, the act of religion, not making fun of it, like the creators of “An American Carol” are doing. They are saying that trying to make a difference doesn’t matter and is something to laugh at… you shouldn’t express your opinion unless it falls in line with Bill O’Reilly’s. That’s a dangerous thing for Republicans to be putting out there less than a month from one of the most pivotal elections of our time when voters are looking for a leader who understands that making a difference in our lives is essential.

Kelsea Grammer says that if “responsible critics” review this movie they should agree it deserves attention, obviously by responsible he means critics who are not liberal ….. given that it’s 9th at the box office right now after opening weekend, it seems everyone else believes it deserves little attention.

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