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Inadvertent comedy at FOX and Friends

Reported by Chrish - October 7, 2008 -

Sometimes the segments on FOX and Friends are downright funny, like this one yesterday 10/06/08. The Friends were speculating about a possible McCain/Obama split in the electoral college.
With video.

As they wondered wide-eyed about a possible 269-269 split (which could mathematically happen in ANY presidential election) the graphic of the electoral votes as of today, from RealClearPolitics, showed Obama ahead 264-163, with 111 up for grabs. Their hypothetical required John McCain to win all but 5 of those toss-up votes, but RealClear's other graphic, not shown, where they assign votes based on which way the states are currently leaning, shows Obama smashing McCain 353-185 as of yesterday.

Daddy Doocy explained to the kids and viewers that even though Democrats control the House, it is not a slam-dunk for Barack Obama - phew! They were worried for a minute at fairandbalanced that the Democrat might be unstoppable. Gretchen Carlson then admitted on national teevee, on a "news" channel where she daily spouts political opinion, that she just found out today that the electors are "actually physical people."

To add "legitimacy" to their fantasy, they reminded viewers of what could have happened at the DNC, when they had been forecasting (praying) that Hillary Clinton's supporters would demand a floor vote and throw the Democratic party into chaos. It could (not) happen again!

The absolute topper was Brian Kilmeade's channeling a newfound worry that Americans might end up with both the Legislative and Executive branches dominated by one political party - oh, noooooo! Granted, it was a disaster last time but nobody at FOX seemed to think so until now that the party in charge would be Democrats.

High comedy at FOX "News."