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Fred Barnes Loves Sarah Palin – Are We Surprised?

Reported by Priscilla - October 7, 2008 -

A strong gag reflex occurred while I was watching the Fox Special Report panel discussion during which Fred Barnes just oozed love for Sarah Palin. I started feeling ill when Barnes said that Palin is not giving up on Michigan and is going there with her “hubby.” (Comment: Barnes doing cute talk is beyond nauseating!). I thought that choruses of angels would appear, to the sounds of Handel’s Messiah, when Barnes said that Palin's debate performance was "triumphant."

He then went on to say that "the most incredible number of gaffes and errors and mistakes were not by Sarah Palin. They were by Joe Biden." (Comment: Excuse me? In doing some “fact checking” it appears that Palin made her fair share of mistakes; but, in Barnes’ case, love is deaf as well as blind.) Barnes then went on to say that Biden was wrong about the Vice-President presiding over the Senate only when there is a vote and that Palin was right in saying that the V.P. presides all the time. (Comment: while that is true, what Barnes doesn’t seem to know is that Palin’s follow up statement about the Constitution allowing more “authority” to the Vice President was wrong. Sorry Fred, the Constitution is very clear on that.) When Brett Baier mentioned Palin’s “folksy” style, I grabbed the antacid tablets!!!