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FOX News Republicans Can't Come Up With A Single “Radical” Idea Obama Shares With Ayers

Reported by Ellen - October 7, 2008 -

During yet another Hannity & Colmes discussion about Barack Obama's hyped up connection to William Ayers, Alan Colmes asked the unbalanced panel of two conservatives (plus FOX News Democrat Lanny Davis) to name a single radical idea Obama shares with Ayers. They couldn't, of course. Their pathetic attempts to cover up that inability were laughable. With video.

Colmes began his portion of the discussion by asking what Obama and Ayers did to radicalize students, as Republican Kate Obenshain had charged during her earlier go-round with Sean Hannity.

“They gave money to groups like ACORN,” Obenshain said. I don't think it's a coincidence that Republicans and FOX News always seem to throw in ACORN when discussing Obama's “radical associations” nor that they always throw in ACORN when discussing voter fraud. If you ask me, this whole “radical associations” meme is laying the groundwork for voter challenges if the election is close.

Obenshain is a former aide to Senator George “Macaca” Allen, a man with some racial baggage that might be of interest to FOX News viewers watching her continually attack Obama. But she was identified merely as “former Virginia GOP Chair.”

“How were students radicalized?” Colmes asked. “Tell me.”

But, of course, Obenshain couldn't. She grew screechier in her frustration as Colmes shot down each of her attempts to demonize by insinuation.

Colmes asked National Review's Byron York to name one thing Obama agrees with Ayers about. “What policy positions does Obama have that Ayers has?” Colmes asked.

“Alan, it's a matter of associations. He's a provably bad guy,” York replied.

“What do they agree on?” Colmes repeatedly asked.

That was too much for Sean Hannity's tender bullyboy feelings. “Oh, good grief,” he rudely interrupted.

“I'm not gonna tell you what they agree on,” York said irritably. He complained that Ayers won't talk. But Ayers has had a lengthy academic career. Surely at least some of his philosophy could be found in his record, eh?

I hope Colmes repeats this with each and every conservative who tries to smear Obama with Ayers.

You can contact him at colmes@foxnews.com