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Cavuto Continues to Insist the Economy's Just Fine

Reported by Melanie - October 7, 2008 -

Democratic strategist Malia Lazu was a guest today (October 7, 2008) on Your World w/Neil Cavuto. She was on to respond to Cavuto's contention that "comparing today" to the Great Depression is "making things worse." Cavuto cited the cover of the October 13 issue of Time magazine as an example.

Lazu, picked to appear in the segment because she represents Democrats and on Fox, Democrats are essentially traitors because they think America has problems and that it isn't the all-powerful, perfect, ever-shining beacon on the hill, argued that we are in very bad economic shape and that people are suffering and they are worried that we're headed for another Depression (polls prove her right).

Meantime, Cavuto spouted off statistics - unemployment is nowhere near 25% and where, pray tell, are the soup lines?

Immediately following the segment with Lazu, in an effort to reinforce his own spin, Cavuto hosted Danny Fontana of "The Danny Fontana Show" and of "Triune Capital Advisers" (never heard of either). Fontana was on to say that now is the buying opportunity of a lifetime! (I'm reading stuff that says consider any rally a selling opportunity - we're going to Dow 7,200.)

Problem is, not only did Cavuto look totally out of touch, but he didn't tell his audience (1) about the above-linked poll, nor did he tell them, natch, that (2) as of today, the Dow has posted the worst retreat since 1937 which was during the Great Depression.

Comment: I'm not saying that we're in another Great Depression right now but Cavuto's trotting along as if absolutely nothing is wrong. As if nothing has changed since, well, since I started monitoring him in early 2004. Guaranteed, if Obama wins, the economy and how awful it is will be Cavuto's top story.