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Outrageous Quote of the Week 10/04/08

Reported by Chrish - October 6, 2008 -

Bill O'Reilly's got his game back and won last week for the nearly incoherent "Now, if you were President and you have a friend who thinks Louis Farrakhan, a horrible anti-Semite, who also believes America is a racist nation, that association would be troubling. It's no different than President Bush hanging out with David Duke....Americans are saying, "We want our President to have a perspective we share." This week's crock of crap (h/t Emmet County GOP Chairman Jack Waldvogel) is after the jump.

Option A: "You have to say, alright, we think we've taken care of the crooks, we've made sure they're not going to profit off of this, but most of the crooks are gone."
Neil Cavuto selling the "rescue package," Studio B, 9/29/08

Option B: "You know who used to do that, who practiced for hours before making a speech? And I'm not making any comparison here. So, don't -- you crazy left-wing websites out there, it's not a comparison. Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler practiced for hours, all of his -- all of his gestures and everything else before he went out there." Bill O'Reilly not comparing Nancy Pelosi to Hitler, the Factor, 9/30/08

Option C: “Are we looking at an effort, with Barack Obama funding, associating with, this radical group, and this court ruling (that Ohio voters can register and early vote on the same day) the potential that there's gonna be an attempt to steal the State of Ohio? ...Interestingly, all the allegations (of voter fraud) come from swing states. I doubt by accident.” Sean Hannity, Hannity and Colmes, 9/30/08

Option D: "Stop the BS here! Stop the crap! From August '07 to August '08, under your tutelage, this industry declined 90%. ... People lost millions of dollars, it wasn't your fault! Come on you coward, say the truth!" Bill O'Reilly SCREAMING at Congressman Barney Frank, O'Reilly Factor, 10/2/08

Option E: PUMAs are "so distraught over the pandering that Senator Obama as been doing that they're even that much more for McCain and Palin. ... Why haven't these same questions [about newspapers] been asked of Senator Obama? I mean, he has no experience. I mean, Governor Palin has more experience in terms of being an executive that he has. What has he ever done? I mean, he comes on the scene and the first thing you know he eliminates all his opposition by stabbing them in the back." Harriet Christian to Neil Cavuto, Your World, 10/3/08