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Obama spokesman Gibbs sets the Friends straight on Ayers

Reported by Chrish - October 6, 2008 -

Out of the many segments aired this morning 10/06/08 on FOX and Friends about the alleged Obama - Ayers connection, only one that I saw involved a defense and exoneration of the Democratic candidate. Obama spokesman Robert Biggs pwned the Friends with whatayacallems, facts, for which he gets our Top Dog honors.
With video.

Now keep in mind that there were repeated segments during the three-hour block that merely repeated Sarah Palin's "Obama palling around with terrorists" meme and a seemingly endless rehash of last April's talking points, linking Obama with "known terrorist" Ayers (forty years ago; now an esteemed college professor. At FOX rehabilitation only works for Republicans like Olly North) . In order to make it appear they are discussing "issues" relevant to an American presidential election, the smear is cloaked with allusions to Obama's "judgment" and "associations."

Over the banner "Dangerous Liaisons: Ayers and his connections to Obama," Robert Gibbs handled it all with aplomb. He ridiculed Palin, saying first he was surprised to learn that Palin reads the New York Times (where the "issue" was raised again last weekend - and dismissed) but apparently she didn't read the article , it says the two were not close, the actions happened when Obama was 8 years old, and Obama has denounced the radical 60's bombings.

The hosts kept bringing up the right's talking points, concluding "they've had a relationship for years." Gibbs gave a simple dissection of the facts and when Steve Doocy said that a lot of the minutes of meetings where Obama and Ayers were present are unavailable, Gibbs suggested he get on a USAir flight to Chicago because they are available.

Apparently Stanley Kurtz, of the right-wing National Review, complained on FOX air that he didn't have access and Gibbs questioned why they let someone without the facts on air - and Doocy admitted that it was to complain that he hadn't yet had access. But on August 27th, Kurtz was on the radio promising readers that the 1,000 archived files from the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) that he was going through would "provide significant insight into a web of ties linking [former Annenberg board chairman Barack Obama to various radical organizations." As the Chicago Tribune noted, "This is Alice in Wonderland journalism—Conclusion first! Research afterward!"

Gibbs reiterated that McCain is just trying to change the subject from the economy (McCain Strategist: "If We Keep Talking About The Economic Crisis, We're Going To Lose") and Doocy, clearly flummoxed, thanked him for "settin' it straight" and ended the segment.

But FOX won't stop spreading the suspicions, you betcha.

Robert Gibbs gets Best in Show honors for "settin' it straight," even though the learning impaired hosts went right back to their scripted talking points 25 minutes later.