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FOX really carrying McCain's dirty water on Ayers' smears

Reported by Chrish - October 6, 2008 -

In the course of their three-hour program this morning 10/06/08, FOX and Friends repeatedly came back to Sarah Palin's attacks on Barack Obama over the weekend, accusing him of "palling around with terrorists." The Friends agree that Obama has a relationship with Ayers, "a known terrorist" as Steve Doocy likes to say - a lot - and are willing accomplices in the McCain campaign's new tactics of character assassination rather than discussing issues. As for Obama's responses about McCain's involvement in the Keating S&L bailout scandal of the early 1990s, well, the Friends have a few blanket excuses ready to dismiss that episode.
With video

Again using the lower third chyron "Dangerous Liaisons" Steve Doocy wondered why the mainstream media is not digging deeper into the alleged Obama - Ayers connection, because he does have "significant" ties.

I've got two questions: why isn't FOX "News" doing its own digging, instead of throwing unsubstantiated rumors and whining that no one else is investigating for them? And why doesn't fairandbalanced FOX wonder and complain about the lack of coverage and further investigation into John McCain's long-standing relationship with criminal G. Gordon Liddy?

Bill Gavin, a former FBI assistant director, was a guest in one of the many segments about the McCain campaign's latest talking point, brought to you by FOX News Channel and AM hate-radio. Gavin merely repeated the same old talking poiints as the Friends, at the prompting of apparently scripted and loaded questions from the hosts that painted Barack Obama in an unflattering light.

In yet another segment later on wondering about Obama's judgment (because they are, after all, the media arm of the Republican party), the Friends showed Barack Obama's response to the McCain camp's attacks and asserted that Obama was about to go negative about McCain's involvement in the Keating Five scandal. They pre-emptively chorused that he was "exonerated" and regrets it; note how Kilmeade trips over his own tongue stopping himself from saying that McCain had to appear before the Senate Ethics Committee. Oh, and since this is ostensibly all about judgment, the Friends were remiss in informing their viewers that the Ethics committee found McCain guilty of, you got it, "poor judgment".

Doocy mentioned that McCain associated with Keating because he was from AZ, and that he received $112,000 dollars from Keating himself, and to lighten the blow immediately compared that to Barack Obama's receipt of $126 thousand (his emphasis) dollars from "the people who work at Fannie and Freddie" - yes, in small, personal contributions from individuals, not a principal looking for favors. Apples and oranges, Dooce - but you know that.
Then he blamed the current financial crisis on Fannie and Freddie, "but no one is looking at that."

Gretchen Carlson weighed in, accusing that Obama associated with these people (she included Jeremiah Wright, imagine that) to get elected - just another sell-out politician.

Get a "load" of these questions: