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Bill O'Reilly's Attempt To Smear Obama and Moveon Fails

Reported by Deborah - October 6, 2008 -

Election day approaches and O'Reilly keeps churning out the Obama Chronicles hit pieces in hope that something makes a dent in Obamas rising poll numbers. Tonight he fell back on the old standby, Moveon, trying to connect it to Barack Obama suggesting that the organization is somehow subversive and dangerous. However, he came up with absolutely nothing even though he recruited Matthew Vadum, Capital Research Center for help. Despite his efforts, Vadum made Moveon look just fine and was forced to admit there is no proven communication between Moveon and Barack Obama. with video

O'Reilly called Moveon "fanatically progressive" stressing the large amount of money they've spent so far in the campaign. He then admitted to Vadum that Obama "harshly" criticized Moveon for the General Petraus ad and there is not much of a link asking Vadum for help.

Vadum responded as if he had all this inside info which turned out to be untrue. He compared Moveon to the Chicago political machine that put Obama in power and then went on to describe what "they're about."

"They're about organizing meet-ups. They're about organizing bake sales. They're about motivating people. You know get out the vote. They're about voter registration. They're about getting people excited about their issues."

He must have realized that the truth sounded too good and wasn't communicating the intended negative message so the rhetoric changed. Vadum added scary stuff like "rubbing raw the sores of discontent" crediting the quote to Sol Olinsky, Rules for Radicals who he claimed Obama followed.

Since O'Reilly and Vadum couldn't come up with proof that Obama illegally communicates with Moveon, Vadum claimed that the campaign "signals" to Moveon and probably talks strategy over beers. The empty speculation continued making sure their suggestions were firmly planted in viewers minds which was the whole point of the segment anyway.