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Fred Barnes Claims Clintons Voting For McCain

Reported by Deborah - October 5, 2008 -

Yesterday, 10/4/08/, on the Beltway Boys, Mort Kondracke and Fred Barnes were suddenly appreciative of Bill Clinton's campaigning skills giving him an UP for his clear explanation of the financial crisis to voters. Fred Barnes then opined that Bill and Hillary Clinton won't be voting for Obama.

The Beltway Boys always have a lot to say about the Clintons and most of it is negative. Yesterday, Bill Clinton's image was suddenly rehabilitated prompting Kondracke to suggest that Obama should take Bill Clinton up on his offer to campaign for him. Barnes noted that the Clinton's are under no obligation to campaign for Obama and then opined, " In the secrecy of the polling booth, I think I know who they'll be voting for and it's not going to be Obama either."