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“Grapevine” Reinforces Fox’s “Mission”

Reported by Priscilla - October 4, 2008 -

As I have noted, Fox takes a talking point/message and inserts it into as many formats as possible. The latest one seems to be getting out the word that Fox Catholics will bypass Purgatory and go directly to Hell if they vote for Obama. As Chrish pointed out in her thread, Fox is eager to publicize the opinion of a former American Catholic Bishop and present Vatican big wig Raymond Burke, who claims that the Democratic Party is risking “being the party of death.” Not surprisingly this was one of last night’s (October 3rd) “Grapevine” report. The chyron read “mission statement.”

Despite what Fox claims is a “mission statement,” Burke is not speaking in an official capacity for the Vatican. What Fox isn’t reporting is Burke’s questionable role involving clerical sexual abuse while he was Bishop of Lacrosse, Wisconsin. Not mentioned by Fox is the fact that Burke ordered Catholic groups to not participate in AIDS related programs because they “promoted homosexuality” and that a professor theology at Catholic Marquette University called Burke a “fanatic.” Naturally, “Grapevine” noted that Burke is critical of Democrats Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi for falsely presenting Catholic doctrine about abortion. What you won’t see on Fox News is the endorsement of Obama by a prominent anti-abortion legal scholar, Nicholas Cafardi.

Comment: If Fox were “fair and balanced,” they would present views from liberal “non Catholic” churches that support a women’s right to choice – although these folks might not be part of the Fox demographic. If Fox were fair and balanced, they would present statements, by the Catholic hierarchy about immigration, social justice issues, capitol punishment, and war – issues which diverge greatly from the Fox/Republican positions. But when you’re promoting propaganda, why bother with being “fair and balanced.”