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Vatican injects self into US politics, calls Democrats "party of death"

Reported by Chrish - October 3, 2008 -

ON FOX and Friends this morning 10/03/08, a brief segment was devoted to a statement from a former Catholic Archbishop from St. Louis, who is now a Vatican official, who is upset with the Democratic Party's stance on bio-ethical issues including abortion and stem-cell research. Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, both Catholics, were named as having taken public stances on these issues contrary to the church's.

This man, Archbishop Raymond Burke, said the party risks "transforming itself definitively into the party of death." Apparently he is giving the pro-war, pro-gun, pro-death penalty Republican party a pass for their positions.

Burke is the fellow who, in 2004, injected himself into US politics by saying that John Kerry should be denied Communion because of his support for women's right to choose. He is also the former boss of radio host Jamie Allman, who during the 2006 election cycle appeared with Bill O'Reilly to smear the Stowers' of Kansas City, whose Medical Research Institute is on the forefront of stem cell research.

This was barely a story today but trust FOX to come up with something to rile the religious right and cast a negative light on leading Democrats - the day after the debate, what a happy coincidence.