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Neil Cavuto and Harriet Christian (D-Republican) Add Another Chapter to Their Love of Hating Obama

Reported by Melanie - October 3, 2008 -

The infamous Harriet Christian, who has appeared on Your World (Fox's "premiere business news" show) at least three times since June, was on again today (October 3, 2008) to allegedly comment on Sarah Palin's performance during last night's debate.

But no. Christian wanted to talk about her disdain for Barack Obama and you bet ya', Cavuto couldn't have cared less about keeping her on-topic.

Christian: Friends and aquaintances are "so distraught over the pandering that Senator Obama as been doing that they're even that much more for McCain and Palin. ... Why haven't these same questions [about newspapers] been asked of Senator Obama? I mean, he has no experience. I mean, Governor Palin has more experience in terms of being an executive that he has. What has he ever done? I mean, he comes on the scene and the first thing you know he eliminates all his opposition by stabbing them in the back. Then he comes on..."

Cavuto, lovin' it; interrupting, but acting dumb: "How does he stab them in the back?"

Christian: "Well, by means of trickery and getting people that supposedly weren't legitimately on, ah, signatures that were handed out. [Sic.] Meanwhile, now he's associated with Acorn and that's okay?!"

Cavuto said something about how Obama won by party rules and Christian took the bait (proving, once again, why she's a Cavuto fave): "He certainly didn't win the nomination by the party and the rules! You go out and you check what went on in the caucuses!"

Cavuto (egging her on again but continuing to act like this is shocking news): "You still think he stole this?"

Christian: "I DON'T THINK IT! I KNOW IT!"

Comment: Symbiotic relationship or what? And as for a fact check on the "fair and balanced" bullshit, the one and only time a Republican for Obama has been on Cavuto's "fair and balanced premiere business news" show was August 12.