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FOX Friends prefer Palin by 8:1

Reported by Chrish - October 3, 2008 -

No surprise, the trio on FOX and Friends and all their morning emailers think Sarah Palin did a super-swell job in the debate last night, gosh darnit, and she showed those Washington insiders! The general consensus (by a margin of 87% to 11%, the same number of FOX viewers who plan to vote for McCain obtw) was that their gal Sarah held her own against the entrenched Senator despite low expectations ' "she matched him, and she trumped him," per Steve Doocy.

Doocy is so-o-o-o impressed that this "woman out of nowhere (did) so well, it's extraordinary!"

The Friends pretended to examine the gaffes and mistakes of both candidates, but glossed over Palin's while dissecting Biden's. They commended her when she was "on the attack," doggonnit, lauded her folksiness and appeal to the "kitchen-table" crowd, but when Joe Biden choked up at the memory of his deceased young daughter, all they noted was the alleged double standard in "the media" that allows a man to show emotion but not a woman. (FOX was all over Hillary's welling up in NH, accusing her of both being artificial and weak. Something about glass houses and stones.) They threw out a hypothetical - what if Sarah had welled up? to invoke the "unfair liberal media" image again.

Numerous times the Friends said words to the effect that Gwen Ifill has written a book out "saluting Barack Obama" or "about" Barack Obama, and made reference to the fact that she will profit (well, duh) from the book being released on Inauguration Day. It was another tidal wave of approval for Palin - too much to document without putting up a half hour of clips. Expect more of the same, plus positive reports of any upward blip in McCain's numbers, from fairandbalanced.