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Bill O'Reilly Screams At Barney Frank Like A Psychopathic Maniac And Calls It An Interview

Reported by Deborah - October 3, 2008 -

What was Bill O'Reilly thinking last night staging that unimaginably rude, unprofessional and abusive segment with Barney Frank? After claiming repeatedly that both parties are to blame for the financial crisis, he made Barney Frank the fall guy attacking him constantly throughout the week. So when Frank actually appeared on The Factor last night to defend himself, O'Reilly immediately attacked with screaming, finger pointing, name calling never allowing Frank to make his case. What's more astonishing than O'Reilly's episode of lunacy, is the encouragement he receives from FOX News to do whatever it takes to get those ratings. It's time for FOX News to realize that Bill O'Reilly's behavior is not entertaining or acceptable. We've had enough!

Here are the details and video of what transpired last night from Raw Story.