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Who Should Replace Gwen Ifill? The Choice Is Obvious: Sean Hannity!

Reported by Ellen - October 2, 2008 -

All that whining about Gwen Ifill got me to thinking about what kind of impartiality Republicans want from a debate moderator. With almost all the media already in the tank for Barack Obama, according to conservatives, the pool is pretty shallow. But wait a minute, there is one person who is already a master at hosting “fair and balanced” debates: Sean Hannity! So what if he helped fundraise for Rudy Giuliani? He's out of the race now. At least Hannity wears his beliefs on his political sleeve unlike that devious Ifill who has deliberately hidden them all these years and will probably now use her clout to get the poor, unsuspecting Sarah “pitbull in lipstick” Palin in her clutches then use the opportunity to rip her apart. (Snark alert!)

Because of Palin's disadvantage of being new in politics, the FOX News practice of giving more time to Republicans than Democrats is the essence of fairness. Without a doubt, Palin should get more time in the debate than the seasoned Biden does. Any candidate running on experience ought to have the political chops to distill his answers into 90 seconds. Palin, on the other hand, needs a little extra time to explain her fresh, new ideas.

Given the roster of issues that are regularly covered on FOX News, nobody has to worry that any unfair questions would be asked of Palin. No gotchas like “What should be done about Pakistan?” Instead, we could look forward to finding out her views on breastfeeding. After all, those are the same questions Josephine Sixpack struggles with. Biden, who is not a woman, would not and should not qualify for that round.

Other fair questions:

Do you think Barack Obama shares the un-America views of his controversial pastor whose pews he sat in for 20 years, yes or no?

Who do you think shares more of the blame for the current financial crisis? John McCain, who learned the real meaning of riches while he was a POW for five and a half years, or Barack Obama who may have been bribed during his few telephone conversations with the former head of Fannie Mae?

Was Hillary Clinton, as a white woman, treated unfairly during the primary process?

Alan Colmes is too overtly partisan to be part of this important process.