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McCain to FOX: Palin "best tonic for America"

Reported by Chrish - October 2, 2008 -

Defending his VP selection from increasing criticism in the press, John McCain told FOX News' Campaign Carl Cameron that he doesn't see growing concern among conservatives, he sees large crowds and enthusiasm and "people getting very emotional in her company" and that she's the "best tonic for America than (sic) we could possibly have."

Doesn't "tonic" conjure up images of old-tyme snakeoil salesmen? And haven't we just had eight years of what emotion-based decision-making rather than logic or reason gets us? It is sad to me to see John McCain grovel to the far-right base to win this election. Surely he doesn't believe in his heart that she is the best possible replacement for him, heaven forbid something happen to him should he be elected.