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Dick Morris Calculates Dollar Amount Of Gwen Ifill's Book Profits If Obama Wins

Reported by Deborah - October 2, 2008 -

FOX News started the campaign against Gwen Ifill yesterday morning, which Chrish reported and Greta wrapped up the network's day with the same story. On the O'Reily Factor last night, 10/1/08, Dick Morris decided to put a dollar amount on Ifill's motivation to get Barack Obama elected equating it with a "bribe". with video

Morris speculated that if Ifill's book becomes a best seller, she could earn $350,000 and maybe as much as $750,000. He added if she took a bribe for that much money, Ifill would be arrested.

BOR, of boundless ego, suggested that Ifill come on The Factor to take a pledge before the debate. Morris, giving no indication that he thought this suggestion was hilarious and totally irrational, supported the idea. The ticker beneath the two egomaniacs reinforced their allegations.