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“Grapevine" Describes Article As “Racially Tinged.” Greta Describes Author As A “Pig”

Reported by Priscilla - October 1, 2008 -

Monday night’s (September 29th) Grapevine reported that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has apologized for a snarky article, about Sarah Palin, by journalist Heather Mallick. They cited a couple of comments from the article (Republican men are sexually inadequate and that Palin is a “toned down version of a porn actress). But “Grapevine” obviously thought that the most offensive statement was that Palin "added nothing to the ticket that the Republicans didn't already have sewn up, the white trash vote." And just to let you know that peasants with pitchforks can be a formidable force, it was noted that CBC originally stood by Mallick; but after 300 comments, it issued the mea culpa. One suspects that after “Grapevine” noted that Mallick hasn’t apologized, she will get more hate mail and death threats from the “family values” right wing Fox audience. But there’s more to the story…..

The article is snark and certainly far less offensive than anything said by Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly about liberals, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Democrats, minorities, Muslims, etc. on a nightly basis. Her observations are amusing and, I think, on target. One of her “sins” was a comment about the father of Bristol Palin’s baby: “I'm not the one preaching homespun values but I'd destroy that ratboy before I'd let him get within scenting range of my daughter again, and so would you.” You remember young Levi who describes himself as a “f&*cking redneck.” If Obama had a teenage daughter whose boyfriend was black and who used profanity on his website, you know how Fox would treat that!!!! Mallick’s observation that “The conventioneers are nothing like the rich men who run the party, and that's the mystery of the hick vote” was right on the money and was the basis for Thomas Frank’s “What’s The Matter With Kansas.”

The snark and accuracies (Mallick actually dared to mention that Palin has “lied” oh, my!) was turned into fodder by the rightwing hate community (who also hate Canada) and aided and abetted by none other than Fox’s Greta Van Susteren who referred to Ms. Mallick as a “pig.” I actually used to have some respect for Greta, whose reporting seemed less biased than others on Fox and whose couture is not the usual Fox News bimbo style but business professional. But calling a journalist a “pig?” Well, oink, oink to you Greta because this is certainly not professional! Greta should think about Fox News’s partisan “opinion” when she writes “Yes, I confess, I did call the Canadian (journalist?) Heather Mallick a pig…but she is. Her column did not challenge Governor Palin about knowledge, experience, policy etc — it was simply a rude insult and it included anyone who supports her. Journalism? Am I to think her schoolyard rant is somehow evidence of a good journalist?” What does Greta think about Fox giving a national platform to Jerome Corsi (and others too numerous to mention) and his lies?! Satire is one thing. Partisan lies, couched as “fair and balanced” news is another.

But the irony is rich that “Grapevine” would describe the phrase “white trash” as racist when just about any program done by Sean Hannity, about racial issues and Barack Obama, is filled with racist commentary. And while the nice white, Christian folks are upset about Mallick’s article, their hate mail would seem to be – ah – trashy and not very Christian. She has been “branded an insane Pakistani Muslim by Fox message board commentators, and has received violent and threatening e-mail, some with anti-Semitic slurs - despite the fact that she's neither Jewish nor Muslim.” Family values just oozed from this comment: "I'd love to punch you right in your chops and knock every tooth out of your head. Come see me bitch, I have something for you!" Mallik has stated that much of the hate mail has “Christian” overtones such as the frequent use of the “you will burn in hell” meme. The articulate level of discourse for the right wing community never ceases to amaze. And once again we have Fox News aiding and abetting the peasants with pitchforks whose fury is unleashed over an article that, most likely, none of them read in its original form; but which was fed to them (selectively) by their hate gurus. And “pig” Greta? Do you wear lipstick?