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Bill O'Reilly Warns Voters About Obama's Socialistic "Money Vision"

Reported by Deborah - October 1, 2008 -

In last night's edition of The Obama Chronicles, O'Reilly warned viewers that Obama's " tax the rich philosophy may be based on a socialistic tenet, income distribution." This accusation from O'Reilly is nothing new so he spiced it up with a visit from Tom MCardle, Investor's Business Daily, who did his best to make Obama's desire to help people seem dangerous and destructive.

O'Reilly told MCardle he liked his paper noting how much he had been "pounding" Obama. (Which is precisely why he was invited on The Factor) McCardle claimed that Obama thinks he can "punish the fat cats with taxes without hurting the little guy."

Then O'Reilly and MCardle had an exchange that was very frightening. O'Reilly explained that Obama wants rich Americans to be "kind" and "generous" suggesting clearly that this was a bad thing. MCardle responded that Obama used "fairness" as a "code word" as if that was an alien concept to be avoided at all costs.

O'Reilly started wailing about Obama's plan to build the economy from the bottom up and MCardle declared that Obama would raise taxes on the middle class just like Bill Clinton. (Neither mentioned how well Clinton's "money vision" turned out for the country.)

At this point, O'Reilly suddenly revealed that he thinks Obama is not a socialist but an "opportunist" pitching his plan just to appeal to the voters to get elected. He also noted that MCardle sees Obama as "Fidel Castro's cousin" MCardle seemed pleased and amused.

So now that O'Reilly realizes that Obama's message is resonating with voters facing economic ruin, he decided to change his attack calling him an "opportunist" who will say anything just to get elected. In reality, Bill O'Reilly will try just about anything to keep Obama from getting elected but so far none of it is paying off and he knows it.