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The White House Says "Rescue" not "Bailout," and Fox Does as It's Told

Reported by Melanie - September 30, 2008 -

Last week, Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard and Fox News (rock solid winger credentials), said on Fox that the administration made a mistake when it labeled the bailout plan a "bailout," instead of a "rescue." Well, given what happened yesterday, the White House apparently decided to side with Barnes because today (September 30, 3008) its spokesman, Tony Fratto, said, "It's really unfortunate shorthand for a very complicated issue," and it preferred the word "rescue."

Well, surprise, surprise (note the chyrons). Looks like White House stenographer Neil Cavuto got the memo and is dutifully complying:



Later in the show the word bailout was used so maybe it's going to take them a day or two to fully implement this new order from on high.